i'm a multimedia storyteller.

What does that mean?

I intertwine words and images to craft compelling stories.

I aspire to create immersive storytelling experiences—ones that have the power to transport you to a world of their own. We communicate through stories. I weave them in a way that showcases their intrinsic beauty, shifts perspectives, and centers on a shared experience. My work blurs the line between journalism and fine art, flowing from social documentary to personal narrative.

I'm a Minneapolis-based writer and photographer who has produced written and visual stories for news outlets, independent magazines, and art, cultural, and educational organizations. Born in Russia, raised in the United States, and having studied in France and done work trade in Costa Rica, I bring a global context to my work and a desire to create positive social change. When I'm not working, I'm making music, soaking up sunshine, and daydreaming of my next adventure.


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I am available for a variety of freelance writing and photography opportunities. Contact me with your request to receive information about rates.


Most of the photos on my site can be made into prints in a variety of sizes. Get in touch for pricing and more information.